Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adventures in Undermountain

I know I need to start posting more often.

What's the point of having a blog if you don't post?

Let me tell you of our last gaming session!

As observed by none other than the Mad Mage himself, Halaster Blackcloak!

"Undermountain is my abode! I shaped her with my Art, my wit and my will! I am very fond of her and love her as I would a lass!
She calls to bands of young, restless adventurers who would seek their fortunes in my halls! Most make their way to Undermountain through the deep, dry well at the Yawning Portal. I can hear the beating of their hearts as they are lowered down the rope to the small chamber with the sandy floor.
I watch them as they struggle through the monster and trap infested halls, daring to match their might, their wits and their skill against my creation!
Against me!
Few make it far.
Just yestereve, eight of the Fair Folk dared to test themselves in my home!
They proceeded oh so cautiously, thinking themselves clever but oblivious to the real danger!
They found a secret room where three orcs were gambling over a blade and a coat of mail.
I watched, excited as they slew the orcs mercilessly and took the treasures for themselves.
But soon learning that not all glowing blades are prizes!
I had found that cursed blade ages ago and in truth, forgotten al about it until it was discovered again.
They fought a servant of mine, a Helmed Horror, that had given them a rare and wondrous gift! There was no need to fight the Horror for it had completed its task.
But the elves thought they were clever.
The Fair Folk have always been an arrogant and haughty race, given to frivolity.
But they do suffer sweetly.
I watched as they blundered about my halls, never knowing that certain doom is always upon them despite their efforts!
They stumbled upon four ghouls that were still gnawing at the remains of some nameless fool and feeling they had no choice, they attacked!
As they fought the undead, they were attacked from the rear by four orcs and slew three of these along with the ghouls, taking a lone orc prisoner.
One of the elves left his companions for some reason, perhaps simply elvish impetuousness, but he found a dozen of the Everlasting Ones had found their scent!
They prepared for battle with their meager Art and a few flasks of oil and watched, amused as they struggled to survive the onslaught.
When three of their party had fallen, a hungry but wounded Deathkiss came at them from the rear!
They fought on while the Deathkiss attacked both elf and troll, ravenous for blood!
The battle soon came to an end with the Fair Folk victorious but grievously wounded!
They made their way back to the chamber where they found the armor and sword and encountered three rat men eating cheese.
There was no battle for the rat men are clever and do not throw their lives away needlessly.
Perhaps the elves will soon learn this.
Perhaps they will also learn that they amuse me so far.
And that is why they yet live!"


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Good fun to read. :)
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